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There is one way out to reach freedom. Can you escape?

2.5/3 stars because it would be a good game if it wasn’t so laggy. When ever I try to jump, it lags. By the way, my Internet’s fine, and it doesn’t lag with other games. So it’s really frustrating how I can’t jump, and when I die it takes almost a minute to let me get to the screen where I can play …

It’s a fun little game. Tricky, but fun. I just wish it didn’t show the game over screen every time you died and just reset instead with maybe a little option at the bottom to skip. Other than that, neat game. Could use some more skins or maybe a way to do online levels (like you can make your own l…

A challenging and interesting game made with only one control. Jump. Each level is fresh, and the mechanics progression makes sense. Thought it would be something I’d get rid of quick, but I finished the game over the course of a couple days and will be keeping it to replay.


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Arif Hossain

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