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★Version update content

1. The story of the isolated island era is magnificent, and the evolution of brand-new alloys comes to the legend.

2. The new mode of Transfiguration Battle is here, transforming into a powerful behemoth to dominate the battlefield.

3. Gorgeous update of personal business cards, showing your self-confident heroes and treasured styles.

4. Challenge skill remake, more diversified gameplay.


5. The battle experience is upgraded again, the information is clear, and the operation is more convenient.

★Bug fix

1. Fix the problem that the avatar of the enemy hero on the edge of the screen shakes abnormally.

2. Fix the problem that the passive skill value growth of hero Natalya is too high.

3. Fix the problem that the passive effect of Hero Annet will be triggered by the loading bullet of Hero Suowen.

4. Fix the problem that the acceleration effect of the hero Kafanie II’s skill is not attenuated.

5. Fix the problem that the hero Anglia II skill occasionally does not enter the cooldown time.

★ Introduction to the game
“The Legend of Garena” was developed by Garena and Tencent Tianmei Studio. It is the most exciting 10-player decisive battle MOBA mobile game. With more than 80 unique heroes to choose from, high-quality graphics and a fair and secure game environment, whether you want to lead the entire army in a decisive battle, or spend a lifetime in a corner of the battlefield, “Legend of Garena Showdown” can satisfy you!

★ Game Features

[Eat soldiers, push the tower, demolish the main fort]: Push the tower in three ways, faithfully restore the classic gameplay, and show your MOBA king strength!
[Fair battles, open groups at any time]: The game does not sell any items that may affect the strength of the hero and the victory or defeat of the battle. Enjoy an absolutely fair battle environment. If you want to be a MOBA king, you don’t need to spend a lot of money!
[Ten minutes of a fast battle]: An average of ten minutes of a MOBA team battle, whether you are on the MRT, the bus, or even in the middle of class, you can control your hero for a battle and become the Rank king!
[Multiple modes, rich gameplay]: 5v5 team battles, 3v3 Storm Canyon, 1v1 singles, 5v5 random singles, or challenge the Rank king, choose your hero to fight wildly! More special gameplay makes you and your teammates want to stop, you have to play!
[Built-in voice, real-time communication]: Built-in voice system, no need to type in team battles, direct communication and change strategy instantly!
[Unique heroes, exclusive skills]: More than one hundred heroes have exquisite painting styles and unique skill sets in their respective fields. Only by proficient in all heroes can we know ourselves, know ourselves, and fight forever!

★ Contact us

The official website of Garena Legend Showdown:
Garena Customer Service Center:
Facebook fan group:

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