freenet FUNK – Mobilfunk per App mit unlimited LTE

freenet FUNK – the cellular revolution. Be there and secure your first mobile phone contract that you can control via the app. Tired of long-term mobile phone contracts? With us you can cancel or change your contract every day. Very easy and flexible.

The freenet FUNK app gives you full access to your cellular network and the mobile Internet with unlimited high-speed LTE volume. And it’s super cheap too! You can choose between 2 tariffs – every day anew! For 1 GB high-speed LTE you pay 69 cents per day, for unlimited data volume only 99 cents per day! With it you can surf the internet as much as you want! We bill daily. You are dissatisfied? There is no minimum term, you can cancel at any time! Do you need a short digital detox? Just pause in the app. Are you hanging on your phone number? No problem, bring them with you! We will contact your current provider and arrange for you to be taken along. Payment is easy from the app via PayPal. No IBAN, no BIC, no TAN.

What we offer you:
• You can adjust your LTE data volume daily
• You have no minimum term and can cancel on a daily basis
• You can control everything via the app

What we stand for:
• Fairness: You have no service fees and full cost control.
• Individuality: You decide what you need every day. And that’s exactly what you get.
• Transparency: Everything in one app. Check your data volume used and who you called on the phone every day. Your costs? You can also find it in the app.
• Flexibility: You can pause or quit at any time. We do that overnight.

Be the boss – with freenet FUNK!

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