Free Anti Block Browser – Unblock Website Apk

Unblock Positive, Safe and Fast Websites and Internet
Unblock websites that you like to visit today for 💯 FREE.


✔ Different from others
Do you often see the same browser application but it’s slow?
Don’t worry because this application is different, faster, better.

✔ Good and interesting design
A stunning display of browsers with lots of abundant features

✔ Best Connection
We guarantee maximum speed

No configuration, no registration, no proxy server settings
This is not a VPN. Unblock websites automatically just by opening the application

Use wisely.

We appreciate your input … don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Every time I try to search for something I’m immediately notified that the connection could not be made because of ERROR TIMED OUT! 💩 It’s ridiculous because the connection is immediate.

Trust me guys, you don’t wanna use this browser. The first time i installed & ran this browser, a full screen ad popped up, then everytime i opened new window, an ad showed up. The language in Google indicated the location is in France. I strongly believe it’s just a vpn, though the vpn icon doesn’t show up at the top of the screen. Use other ad free browser & a vpn guys, this one isn’t worth.

Good, but sudden closing problem. uploading face book picture problem.

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