Fortune Cat Apk Download Free Game For Android

Fortune Cat is a mobile application that users can complete various tasks and have fun.Users can have great fun in Fortune Cat.It is a good way to relax while going about your daily tasks or are online and need a short entertainment break.

My active points decreased to zero for no reason at all. I tried to collect again for a couple of days and the same thing happened. I wasted my time collecting active points for nothing. Please fix this app and don’t let your users efforts go in vain. I’m patient enough to play this game, here my words for us who is patient doing this thing

Don’t download this app it’s a scam…I tried redeeming hero fragments to check whether it works or not but then it too me to some unknown page and my active points reduced and it didn’t even asked for my game Id and all those months I wasted for it to turn out to be a SCAM.

its always the “watchisng time is too short” that pisses me off, I already finished watching the ad what do you want me to do? download it? heckno, I don’t want to.

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