Foot Clinic – ASMR Feet Care Apk Download

Welcome to Foot Clinic, the #1 ASMR nail salon game. Scrub, scrape, pluck, and pull all kinds of feet in this ASMR foot clinic doctor and nail salon game. Do surgery on calluses, corns, ingrown toenails, or maybe a foot spa massage and pedicure for nail care in the nail salon?
This ASMR nail salon game will take your doctor skills to the next level and give the nail care that your feet really deserve. Ready for surgery? These feet desperately need doctor care.. Or maybe relaxation with foot spa and pedicure for the nails?

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This would be a really fantastic game, worthy of 5 stars, if there wasn’t an ad every 10 seconds. The game itself is great, fun to play, but the ads really do ruin it. 1st time I played,there were no ads and I played it for hours and was addicted, but next time I played, there were more ads than gameplay and the whole thing was ruined. Ads may pay for the game, but nobody wants to just see ads, they want to play games

I read the reviews and saw that everyone said that there is a ton of ads, I wanted to see for myself and it’s true. I played the game for around 5 minutes and probably got 7 ads. It also vibrated my phone like crazy when I did anything with the tools which was super annoying. Idk if it was just me but it was also kinda glitchy. It would be a better game if it was smoother and didn’t have so many ads. I deleted it after 5 minutes.

I’m sorry but I’m not a fan of this game. It makes my wrist hurt so bad😣. If you like popping zits and other things thos game is for you. It even has vibration when you are using the tools in the game. It’s a lot like the game called Ink which is a game about tattoos. Very similar in style and looks and how you operate the game.

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