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FNF VS Accelerant Hank is New MOD that includes the update of the VS Hank MOD, with a new week and a new character, the accelerated version of Hank. In addition, we will have the appearance of some characters from other MODS also based on Madness Combat as Tricky Phase 3, Sanford and Deimos. We are facing one of the best MODS of this week taking into account the special effects, the high difficulty it offers, and the quality of its music.

Graphically, FNF VS Accelerant Hank offers us an incredible animated background in each song, in which other Madness Combat characters appear as spectators replacing GF and sometimes next to her. We will have a new home screen and custom menu, and a new design of the arrows that can not be touched. The most remarkable are the graphic effects throughout the songs, in which we will see gunshots, smoke, and in general, an impressive atmosphere. Download and Enjoy