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Manage your own farm and drive massive machines in an open world!
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Farmers are the real reason for our country’s growth. Because the farmers will provide you better benefits. They do lots of work everyday to make the best crops for their country. Countries will get better benefits because of them and it will increase their economy. So if you want to get the same experience a farmer gets everyday, today I have the best farming simulation game for you.

This game is called Fs 15. Fs means Farming Simulator and it is the best farming game with the most realistic experience that you will have in any game related to this. Graphics are amazing and the controls are simple in this game.

What is the Fs 15 APK?

It is by far the most realistic farming simulation game available. In this game you will have to create your own farm and you have to plant different crops. You have to use different fertilizers and you also have to buy the advanced machinery that will provide you with better quality crops. You will also have lots of pets in this game and you have to take care of them to generate benefit out of them. You can also plant different trees so that when your crops are not done you can also earn money from somewhere else.

What is the Fs 15 mod APK?

In the simple version it will get hard for you to plant many crops because for that you will need money and in this game you will get limited money after selling different crops. It will not be enough and you cannot reach your goal in this game. So to make it easier and to provide you with more things in this game we have provided you with our modified version which is called Fs 15 Mod APK. Now this modified version will have everything that you want in the game. You will see no ads and you will have unlimited money.

Are there AI bots available in the Fs 15 game?

As you progress more in the game you can develop yourself more strongly and you can create one of the best farms. To get better benefits from them you can also buy AI Bots. They are going to be the robots that will take care of your farm when you are not there and they will also help you to do the difficult work.

Can we buy more tractors in the Fs 15 game?

Tractors are going to play the main role in this game. Because when you are planting your different crops you will have to make the surface best so that you will get the better quality of crops you will need tractors for that. You can buy more powerful and beneficial tractors from the shop in this game.

Features of the Fs 15 APK

Plant trees

You have to plant different trees in this game so that you can get benefits out of them to make your farm better.

Plant crops

You have to plant different crops in your farm and you have to increase their quality by using different fertilizers.


You will have lots of pets in this game. You have to take care of them because they will provide you many benefits.

Buy machines

You need machines to plant your crops quickly and to make the best quality of them. You can buy advanced machinery in the game.

AI bots

AI bots are going to be the most useful thing in this game. Because they can take care of your farm when you are not there and they will also do lots of work that you cannot do.

Features of the Fs 15 mod APK

Unlimited money

It is very hard for you to get lots of money in this game. So stop worrying about that because in this version you will get unlimited money.

All machines unlocked

In this version you will have all the advanced machinery unlocked like AI bots and many more.

No ads

The most useful thing in this modified version is that you will have no ads to distract you.


If you are fan of farming games and you have played lots of different farming games that will not provide you what you need. So why are you wasting your time on these games? You just have to download Fs 15. Because it is the best and the most realistic farming simulation game available right now. Farming experience will be great in this game.


Q. Do Fs 15 give us instructions on planting healthy crops?

Yes, when you are going to plant crops Fs 15 will provide you instructions.

Q. Can we have pets in the Fs 15 game?

Yes, you will have lots of pets available in the Fs 15.


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