Ethiopian Newspapers and News Sites {Updated}

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List of All Ethiopian Newspapers Online

Ethiopian Reporter – founded in 1991.

English and Amharic language newspaper in Ethiopia.

Capital – founded in 1998.

English weekly business newspaper in Ethiopia.

Addis Admass

Addis Fortune – founded in 2000.

Weekly English newspaper published in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Zare – founded in 2007.

A daily news site in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Reporter – English edition – founded in 1991.

English newspapers in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Observer

News and information based newspaper in Ethiopia.


Ethiopian American news website.


Best newspaper in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Forums

Ethiopian News – founded in 1963.

Tigrai Online – founded in 2005.

Online based newspaper in Ethiopia.

Ogaden News Agency – founded in 1984.

The news agency in Ethiopia.

Awramba Times – founded in 2008.

Cyber Ethiopia Ethiopia

Ethiopia country profile (BBC News)

All of the news published from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia – Google News

Ethiopia – Wikipedia

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