“Escape” Abhi The Nomad & Kato On The Track Lyrics

Stepped into the label office on the fifth floor
Oh how they lied when they said that I would lift off
Rehearsed the attitude cause usually it’s piss poor
I don’t feel like conversating with a brick wall dummy
She actin funny while I’m playing the track
Swear this chick was on her phone the whole time texting and dialing
Why I got up outta austin and flew all the way back
To take a meeting with some LA bitch looking for billie eilish

I hit milestones and different styles, tones
The list long, I could ramble it piles on still
Couldn’t touch me with a motherfucking pylon or stilts
Slide the demo file on it kills, I’m Dylon with bills
I let bygones be bygones forreal this time
If the deals a mill or five
Could be wagyu with the wifey, don’t spill the wine but
I prefer a home cooked meal

(You should see where I’m from)

Colorism that somebody would kill for
You ain’t seeing my people in no bollywood film dawg
They all white washed, fair and lovely they love y’all
This is where diplomatic dad would turn my mic off

So imagine me in america getting profiled
By a marketing genius who deems my shit as a “whole vibe”
And how I record and produce the beats on my own time
Just to have the article say nothing bout the music
I gave em details, influences, emails sent to influencers
Dming my idols so they know I’m really doing this
They don’t see me moving they might have to keep zooming in
Fanbase improving my mental health is losing it