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List of All El Salvador Newspapers Online

El Diario de Hoy – founded in 1936.

Spanish-language daily newspaper in El Salvador.

La Prensa Gráfica – founded in 1915.

Popular newspaper in El Salvador.

El Mundo – founded in 1989.

National newspaper in El-Salvador.

Diario Co Latino – founded in 1890.

San Salvador newspapers.

el Grafico – founded in 1919.

El-Salvador Spanish-language newspaper.

El País – founded in 1976.

Daily El Salvador newspaper.

El Faro – founded in 1998.

Popular El Salvador newspaper.

Mas – founded in 1987.

Popular newspaper in El Salvador.

Canal 12 – founded in 1984.

Best El salvador newspaper.

La Pagina

El Salvador Noticias – founded in 1984.

Contra Punto

Newspapers from El Salvador.

Ofertas Ahora

Economist – El Salvador