Draw Cartoons 2 Apk Download For Android

Discover one of the most exciting and fun ways to express yourself through art. The complicated process of producing cartoons just became an easy task. The app takes care of every aspect of creating cartoons, from drawing characters to publishing.

Enjoy the new characters constructor and new design

List of features
* Building smooth animations by keyframes
* Embedded library of characters and items
* Character constructor (you can create items from scratch or use templates)
* Voice over cartoons or add music
* Export and video files (mp4 format) and sharing them

Some features need to be unlocked through in-app purchases.

A 568 pages cartoon i made JUST FOR IT TO NOT LOAD?My suggestion to avoid this is adding it so that every 10 pages if the item isnt in the box it shoild be gone and you can on or off this and if the item gets remove you can retrieve back by a new button showing what you recently deleted and if you click on it it will be retrieved back

I was making a very cool model, and i spent a lot of time on it, and i was going ti save it, but i kept getting error messages, so the model is gone. Forever. In the future, can you maybe fix this? I’d like to make models still.

This app is very cool you can make any animations and get back to it and edit it its very cool! But theres kinda like a prob to where you cant make any custom stuff u see i made a sword but then theres many pop ups that say i cant add it so pls fix it so yea 5 stars it has bugs but its still awesome 😀

Very decent animation app. I am giving it a 4 star because of how much stuff is locked if you don’t buy pro. You shouldn’t get rid of it completely, just add more stuff.

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