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Dr. Parking is back in the sequel to the biggest mobile parking simulation game of all time!
Dr. Parking 4 starts a new era of parking simulation gameplay with super stunning graphics, challenging multi-stage levels and real-time online multiplayer.

SUD Inc.

Point system is stupidly biased against people with more points. I understand that people should earn more points the more experienced their opponent is, but it’s so annoying to play 9 times in a row for less than 20 points then lose more than what you earned because of a single loss. Either balance the point system so it’s less harsh or group experts and other high ranking people with each other more

The game is very nice but the online multilayer is frustrating as when someone starts losing they intently accident and the level get skipped and we get nothing as the coins… I request that plz make some changes in online that if someone crashed the other person leavel doesn’t skip… And the intently who is crashing cars will not do this… But the game is very good… 👍👍👍


Great game. Although I do recommend not to play if you anger issues, or anxiety lol. But other than that it’s a great game to kill some time👍But it would really be nice if you guys can add more levels, it has been the same old 80 levels for a few years now which makes the game boring after a while. Besides that, I like that now we can compete with other players online, by seeing who can reach the parkings faster ❤️ But pls add more levels to the game and more cars thank you👍❤️

The game is insanely great but it has some levels that are practically impossible to beat, I am in level 79 and it is really hard. But the game is pretty good until the first 50 levels. After that it will get really hard.

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