Cube Surfer! Apk Download Free Game For Android

Try to pass over the blocks!

9 different cube!

Why not just sell the game? You have so many ads in it they Litterally take you out of the gameplay–and to make it worse it continues playing despite you not even looking at the screen because an ad just hijacked your window. There’s gotta be a better alternative than whatever you got going on here…

This is the best game ever! But I wish there was a easy way to connect your progress from another device to a different one. Also it would be great if you would add more girl characters and more block types. Also maybe you could add more things you could buy with the diamonds you get in game. This i..


There is an ad every level you complete. The option to view an ad in game to get more squares take up a good 70% of the path, so avoiding that is nearly impossible when the squares lead to it. 80% of the “game” is ads and the rest is meh. Don’t bother

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