Cuban Newspapers and News Sites

Granma – founded in 1965.

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Turkish, and Portuguese language based newspapers.

Juventud Rebelde – founded in 1965.

Spanish language based newspapers.

Trabajadores – founded in 1970.

Spanish-language newspapers.

Ahora – founded in 1962.

Holguín newspapers.

Guerrillero – founded in 1963.

Pinar del Rio newspapers.

Periódico 26

Daily based newspapers in Cuba.

Vanguardia – founded in 1881.

From Santa Clara newspaper.


From Sancti Spiritus newspapers.


Popular newspapers in Cuba.

Adelante – founded in 1978.

From Havana newspapers.


Daily based news site.

Cuban News Agency – founded in 1959.

News agency in Cuba.

Notinet de Cuba

Cuban language newspapers.

Cuba Net – founded in 1994.

News website in Cuba.

Pionero – founded in 1961.

16 de Abril

5 de Septiembre

Economista de Cuba, El

Bohemia – founded in 1993.

Another popular newspapers in Cuba.



Daily based news website.

OnCuba – founded in 2004.

Suenacubano – founded in 1969.

Venceremos – founded in 1969.

El Artemiseno 

Artemisa newspapers.

La Demajagua – founded in 1760.

Bayamo newspapers.

Mayabeque – founded in 1514.

San Jose de Las Lajas newspapers.

Cuba Si – founded in 2015.

Cubahora magazine

Google news Cuba

CubaPLUS magazine

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