Coin Hunt World! Apk Download For Android

Play Coin Hunt World and earn cryptocurrency while exploring the world around you.
Discover keys and unlock rewards when you step outside and explore real-world locations.
Play individually or with a team!
Coin Hunt World is a free-to-play game developed by industry veterans that brought you Bittrex.

Tons of fun, great while running errands and the trivia is fun as hell. Rewards are decent considering it’s free. Anyone complaining about the rewards not being good needs to get a job. Don’t expect to live off the game but it is a little extra cash in your pocket for answering a few fun questions. ..

What other game pays you to get some exercise, have fun AND learn? The developers and founders are down-to-earth and actively engage the player base for feedback. The game is continually evolving for the better. In addition, there is a wonderful community of players that is eager to help you succeed. As they say, came for the crypto, stayed for the community…and the cats

The game started out great. A simple trivea game to play while out and about for work. Then the camera quest suddenly showed up along with the threats to be banned for not taking them. Here is the thing I don’t plan on taking photos with random strangers in them and send them to an app. I live in a college town and some guy taking pictures of students would come off extremely creepy. Not to mention the location of some of the keys and vaults. Schools & churches places some people shouldn’t be.

Why…. seriously. Every time you have an update it takes forever to install and re-login? This is 3rd time in 2 months. C’mon guys. Test updates first. Losing money here. ** No email notifications sent to be able to login. *4th time now lol. Fri Oct 15th. I have to update yet Google store has no update listed. Guess I gotta go on Discord again to join the crowd of citing the facts.

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