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List of All Chile Newspapers Online

El Mercurio – founded in 1827.

Most popular daily Chilian newspapers.

Las Últimas Noticias – founded in 1902.

Tabloid format newspaper published in Spanish language.

La Segunda – founded in 1915.

Daily newspaper in Chile.

La Tercera – founded in 1950.

From Ñuñoa, Santiago ewspapers.

La Hora – founded in 1950.

Daily newspapers.

La Nación – founded in 1870.

Publimetro – founded in 1995.

Popular newspapers from Chile.

Diario Financiero – founded in 1988.

Business Newspapers in Chile.

El Siglo – founded in 1974.

One of the popular newspapers.

Clinic – founded in 1864.

Chilian best newspapers.

Chañarcillo – founded in 1744.

Newspapers from Copiapó.

El Trabajo – founded in 1910.

Newspapers from San Felipe.

El Labrador – founded in 1921.

Newspapers in Melipilla.

El Gong 

Daily newspapers from Temuco.

El Rancagüino – founded in 1915.

Newspapers from Rancagua.

La Prensa – founded in 1964.

Newspapers from Curicó.

El Centro – founded in 1906.

From Talca newspapers.

La Tribuna – founded in 1976.

From Los Ángeles based newspaper.

El Diario de Aysén – founded in 1975.

Newspapers from Coihaique.

El Divisadero 

Newspapers from Coihaique.

El Naveghable 

Valdivia and Los Ríos newspapers.

La Prensa Austral – founded in 1941.

El Pinguino – founded in 1966.

Newspapers from Punta Arenas.


National newspaper in Chile.

El Observador – founded in 1991.

Newspapers from Quillota.

El Mercurio de Antofagasta – founded in 1872.

La Estrella del Norte

El Mercurio de Calama

La Estrella del Loa – founded in 1979.

El Diario de Atacama – founded in 1970.

La Region

El Dia – founded in 1884.

Newspapers from La Serena.

El Ovallino 

Newspapers from Ovalle.

El Longino 

From Iquique newspapers.

El AndinoPuente Alto

al Dia – founded in 1981.

From Los Andes newspapers.

Condor – founded in 1955.

El Grafico – founded in 1919.

Hoy X Hoy – founded in 2012.

Diario Austral

El Heraldo

La Cuarta 

From Santiago newspapers.

Diario Austral – founded in 1982.

From Puerto Varas newspapers.

Santiago Times – founded in 1990.

English newspaper from Santiago.

Crónica Chillán

El Mercurio – founded in 1827.

Daily Spanish-language newspaper.

El Sur – founded in 1882.

La Discusión 

Chillán daily newspapers.

El Mercurio de Valparaíso – founded in 1827.