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Can you survive in the crowd and avoid being infected? The iconic cat-and-mouse game arrives on your phone!
Escape the cats and don’t get caught, each captured mouse transforms as a cat! Don’t be touched and avoid contamination! Be the last mouse alive!

Amazing!!!!!There is almost nothing wrong with this game for me!!!!3 things to fix great homa games:The cats are almost Way faster the the mice. Can you make them equal speed? There is an ad especially for Purina that pops up after a game. Can you make ads rarely paper or no ads at all like among us…

Hello!◉‿◉ So why did I rate this 4 stars because… When the game starts and it ends and when you have not collect any diamonds or gem you will get nothing even if you did win there will be no price only if you go collect the gems well that’s my problem when you win and did not get any price… Also…

I love playing this game but it gets boring sometimes so maybe you can add something to make it more fun oh and what is the point of the diamonds you can’t do anything with them so maybe you can make different skin’s or like put something to make your own custom charters those are just suggested but…


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