Carrier Services Apk Download For Android

Carrier Services enables the latest communication services from mobile carriers, including battery-optimizations and support for enhanced features in the Android Messages app.

This app is driving me crazy. As reported earlier it’s been preventing me from sending texts. After hrs of troubleshooting, I have now discovered that while I thought I had it resolved by removing the SIM card for 5 minutes; what is actually the issue is that this app is preventing me from sending text to anyone who uses an Apple phone!! I am ablr to send texts to people work Android phones. Google… Test this before you send out software to us. That’s what you’re Beta testers are for. Shame

Moto G6. Ever since this app rolled out I’ve been having serious issues. Can’t text my friends in Canada at all – a service that I pay for. Can’t send MMS to anyone. No photos, no GIFs, just no MMS. This phone uses an AT&T sim card. Phone company has reset the device twice and updated programming twice. Still does not work. I have no idea how this app was rolled out when causing so many major issues. Update: As of August 2021, the previously mentioned problems seem to have been resolved.

The last update totally screwed with my calls, Mainly incoming. I would answer the call and I could hear nothing. Then the person rings back and the same thing. Also calls wont always divert to messagebank, and sms messages not always receiving or sending, mms not receiving or sending. Not sure what is going on but this is not acceptable for us Android users. I’m almost to the point of changing to an iPhone to get a more reliable service. Fix this once and for all.

Has this been the source of my constant problems with texting and calls ? The two things my phone should do well ? I didn’t know if it was my device , service provider but I now I suspect it’s Google . Hmm why ? Don’t you test your apps and updates ?

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