Cape Verde Newspapers and News Sites {Updated}

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Below all of the links are Cape Verde Newspapers.

List of All Cape Verde Newspapers Online

A Semana – founded in 1991.

Portuguese-language newspapers.

Expresso das Ilhas – founded in 1991.

Published latest Cape Verde news.

A Nacao – founded in 2007.

From Praia newspapers.

Visao News – founded in 1993.

From Cape Verde news.

Inforpress – founded in 1988.

Daily Cape Verde newspapers.

Radiotelevisão Caboverdiana – founded in 1997.

Daily newspapers.

Alfa Comunicacoes – founded in 1992.

Cape Verde popular newspaper.

Sapo – founded in 1995.

One of the best newspaper.

Noticias do Norte – founded in 1938.

Popular daily newspapers.

Brava News – founded in 2015.

Published Cape Verde news.

BBC News – Cape Verde profile

Published Cape Verde news from BBC newspaper.

Cape Verde – Wikipedia

Cape Verde – Jeune Afrique

All Africa: Cape Verde

Radio Nova

Cape Verde Radio Channel.

Praia FM

Another popular Radio channel.

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