Bridge Race Apk Download Free Game For Android

Collect logs of your own color, place them on a bridge of your choice. Don’t let others build on your bridge!

I’ve never played a game this money hungry in my LIFE. You get ads MID GAME at LEAST 3-5 times. I miss the old mobile games that were fun and addicting. This app is a literal waste of time and storage. If you are currently reading the reviews, PLEASE DON’T download this game. It’s not even a game if you think about it. Just straight up ads

If there were ads at the end of each level or game I’d keep it, but the ads literally interupt your game in the middle of the level. The game isn’t interesting enough to support that level of annoyance. Deleting after first time playing.

Game concept is good. But during single level more than 3 times, ads appear for whole long 30 sec per ad. Worst experience so far !!! Nobody will play this came like this. Interest and focus looses when ads appear multiple times during one stage. Terrible ! Uninstalling..

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