List Of All Brazilian Magazines Online

List of Brazilian magazines read most of the people from Brazil and overall people in the whole world for getting updated various news and Brazilian current affairs. When we want to know about Brazilian different affairs then we search online about various magazines from Brazil.

We also know that Brazil is one of the largest country in the whole world and it has various topics that can give us different entertainment for all time. So we are searching always about Brazilian arts, sports, entertainment, health news, and many more topics.

I have listed here all of the Brazilian magazines list for all people not only Brazilian but also overall people in the world. Here the list is trusted and best which can give you actual news from Brazil and international based.

Let’s know which is the best and actual Brazilian magazine’s list that can give us various news and affairs from Brazil and South America. Here most of the magazines are life and daily, weekly, monthly and yearly based.

All Brazilian Magazines List

Epoca – founded in 1950.

Revista PEGN – founded in 1985.

Quem Acontece – founded in 1992.

Revista Galileu – founded in 1995.

Sport Auto Magazine – founded in 1996.

Revista Circuito – founded in 1996.

Scientific American Brasil – founded in 1997.




Revista VIP

Exame PME

Revista Bravo


Guia do Estudanate

Revista Nova

Super Interessante

Veja Rio

Veja SP

Guia da Folha


Revista da Folha

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