Brave Browser (Beta) Apk Download Android

Welcome to Brave Beta for Android!

Try out the newest features and give early feedback:

You can install Brave Beta alongside your current version of Brave for Android.

Beta is working very well on new Pixel 6 (non pro) on Android 12. Regular version of Brave launches and closes before even bringing up brave homepage. If devs would kindly update the regular version please

Browser works well but has a few features that leaves you guessing, this is improving. Not a lot of money each month but still some, adjusting ad settings has increased reward. Free crypto to learn with is always good in my book. Post edited 4 update.

I’ve been using Brave on all the platforms I use (Linux, Window, Mac, Android) for at least a year, now, and have quite happy with it. My biggest complaint so far is that it doesn’t currently support WebAuthn on Android, so I can’t use my Yubikey to authenticate on sites where I have it configured. This is required for some work-related sites that I occasionally need to access.

Used to work great, now it crashes whenever I try to open it. Uninstalling/re-installing doesn’t help.

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