Blob Merge 3D Apk Download Free Game For Android

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Merge blobs to get highest possible score!

Slide easy-to-learn controls with addictive gameplay mechanic!

Great game and was enjoying it except for the million ads. decided to spend some hard earn cash and get rid of the ads. worked for about 10 minutes then back to all the ads. have emailed and i am expecting a full refund!

As so many people have said it is a nice timewaster game and I would really enjoy it if it wasn’t for the ads every 20 seconds. I understand that I have to watch ads to play for free, but this is just greedy. It’s just a series of ads that pretend to be a game. Also the ads eat up your battery, so c…


I don’t really leave reviews on games and apps (I usually just rate them on the play store and that’s all), but I had to say something about this one. ToooOOOOO many ads! It’s really hard to click out of them because the ads have this TIIINY little “x”. The game is decent, kinda good and boring. But…

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