Bike Life! Apk Download For Android

Can you keep your wheelie going while stylishly avoiding cars and pedestrians in the street?
Join the bike life and become the most skilled rider the world will ever know!

This game is amazing, two modes that would be good would be a sidewalk only mode, where it’s only the sidewalk but the sidewalk are more populated. The other mode is a freelance mode, it’s just a normal more open mode, if you fall, you just get back up and start riding again.

Bike Life is a good game, but the game needs a little of adjustment, because the game just has levels and the game should at least have skins or characters or maybe bike riders from YouTube, and the game could also have different type of bikes like se bike and different mountain bikes, and maybe you could earn coins by playing one game and maybe you could use the coins to by different type of mountain bikes or se bikes or maybe even skin(character) and I think those adjustments should be added.

This game is so fun,hear me out I am in a se bike squad that wheelie big bmx bikes… if u do that stuff this game is just for u they are upgrading this game and updating it constantly with new features it is hard at first and quote funny but when u get used used it it’s so fun I am not a robot I am a verified user for Google play lmao again this is a great game keep going!!!

Good game, dosent lag , fun , good graphics But ill want to see an update where h can buy other bikes and other caracthers And an update where you can also replay every levle you want Good game keep it up!!

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Arif Hossain

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