Bee Craft Apk Download Free Game For Android

Many questions about bees. We hear you. We make now a new update with bees and honey. You can craft, build and discover endless worlds. Have much fun and thank you!

This game is pretty close to minecraft even though it could use more stuff BUT the one thing that truly makes me hate this game and want to uninstall it are the ads. The game having ads is not the problem, the problem is that the game continues to run in the background while the ads play! I have died so many times because an ad started paying while I was underwater! Please fix this!

I love this game cause it’s same as Minecraft 😍. And you say you want to make “buzzy bees update” on future but its already a long time and can you make “nether update” too. Oh, can you add multiplayer server so i can play with new friends all over the world and can you add new high limit of 256 blocks in nether. Thank you for this game

I love this game It is so much fun to play but the ads are bad when your on Survival you’ll get killed right away when you’re on a add I still gave this game a five-star because it’s my favorite game it’s the only game I would play there are bees in a game and you get honey from there all you have to do is find your bees and when you see one give him a flower and will follow you and you can take them and you can put them in your Garden

I absolutely LOVE this game and it’s so similar to Minecraft but the thing that brings it down are the ads, I have died because of it in the past and today I allmost did too(in the game)but overall it an amazing game and it has become one of my fav game.

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