List of All Banks in Angola Online

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Banks in Angola and Angola Banks which is the most important and most essential for all people in Angola and overall people in the whole world for their different daily activities. We know that the Banking sector for any country is very essential and depends on all of grow in the Banking sector for any country. Without Banking, we can not think anything for a country and can not be thinking of any economy, so Banking is the most powerful point for a country.

Here I have tried to give all of Banks list in Angola for visiting various activities. If anyone wants to visit all of the banks in Angola then they can follow the below list of Angola bank lists.

Let’s see which is the best and top Angola bank that can use for us and that we can visit all of the banks in Angola easily.

List of All Banks in Angola

Novo Banco – founded in 2014.

Banco Africano de Investimentos – founded in 1996.

Banco Regional do Keve – founded in 1996.

Banco Angolano de Negócios e Comércio – founded in 1996.

Central Bank of Angola – founded in 1926.

Banco do Brasil, SA – founded in 1808.

Banco de Negócios Internacional – founded in 2005.

Banco de Comércio e Indústria – founded in 1991.

Banco VTB Africa – founded in 2006.

Banco Espírito Santo Angola – founded in 2001.

Banco de Fomento Angola – founded in 1990.

Banco BIC (BIC) – founded in 2005.

Banco Paribas – founded in 1848.

Banco Totta de Angola – founded in 2002.

Banco de Poupança e Crédito – founded in 1956.

Banco Africano de Investimentos – founded in 1996.

Banco Quantun Capital – founded in 1996.

Banco Mundial – founded in 1944.

Banco Sol – founded in 1996.

Banco de Desenvolvimento de Angola – founded in 2006.

Banco Millenium Angola – founded in 1989.

Banco Comercial Angolano – founded in 1996.

Finibanco Angola – founded in 2007.

Banco Privado Atlântico – founded in 2009.

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