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Shoot the balls and upgrade your cannon, how long can you survive?

It was fun at first then an add kept appearing in the middle of the game making play impossible. It would get one star for that but it was fun at first so 2 stars They also lied. I purchased no ads and I keep getting ads. It was only 3 and 1/2 bucks so no big deal but still. Also, later in the game you don’t grow. I have to watch a 30-second ad to get 50,000 coins when I need 15 million coins to increase a fraction to either my ball speed or power. This game is not designed for long-term play

The game was so fun 3 years ago. But now, it has too many ads. You can stop ads by being offline but now the game wants you to be ‘online’ to play it. It glitches often even if you’re offline. You can see that your canon power doesn’t match with the upgrades. Not even close. You earn less golds when you win the level. Now, this game is for people who loves to watches ads. Just some developers who wants money. That’s it, I had enough. I will rate this 1 star. Not playing this game from now on.

The game is fun but it’s by such garbage devs. They bombard you with ads and now you have to have an online connection to play because they don’t want you to bypass them after each round. Not only that but the ads are glitchy and will frequently cause the app to give me a black screen even though the round is still playing, so I lose the life that I just watched an ad to get. I’m gonna uninstall because I don’t want to give my $5 to remove ads to devs who use scummy ad tactics.


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