Bahrain Newspapers and News Sites

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Al Ayam – founded in 1989.

Bahrain daily newspaper.

Akhbar Al Khaleej – founded in 1976.

Arabic-language newspapers.

Al-Wasat – founded in 2002.

Arabic newspaper from Bahrain.

Al-Watan – founded in 1995.

Bahrain daily newspaper.

Daily Tribune – founded in 1997.

Broadsheet newspaper in English.

Digital News – founded in 1978.

English newspaper.

Bahrain News Agency – founded in 1976.

News agency from Bahrain.

Al Bilad – founded in 2004.

Popular Arabic-language newspaper.

Gulf Weekly – founded in 1993.

Weekly newspaper from Bahrain.

24×7 Bahrain News

Daily newspapers.

Radio Bahrain – founded in 1971.

Best Bahrain Radio.

Ministry of Information Affairs – founded in 2010.

Bahrainmirror – founded in 2011.

One of widely circulated newspaper from Bahrain.


Daily newspapers.

BBC News- Bahrain


Online business newspaper.

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