Axolotl Rush Apk Download Free Game For Android

Take your axolotl through an adventure in the ocean dept.
Slide to avoid obstacles and other aquatic creatures, and try not to get into Davy Jones’s Locker.
How far can your axolotl swim?
Axolotl Rush features:
– Addictive gameplay
– Beautiful handmade 3d graphics
– Endless fun
– Handsome skins to unlock
– Optimization for all screens

Adorable characters, smooth gameplay, consistent quality. Definitely a game for all ages. Even if one of the collectibles is borderline sus. Haha

I LOVE! all of the secret characters they are so cool getting the axolotls is my favourite part about this game it is so so So good this game is a success and I like how you added the tik tok axolotl like I said in my review and I love the cursed looking spongebob ice-cream axolotl this game is just..

I absolutely love this game I found it on tiktok and it is so much fun keep up the good work and please don’t sell this to another company (they’d just make it as bad as other Mobile games)


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