Atomic Bomber Apk Download Free Game For Android

Fly a NATO ground-attack fighter to repel a Soviet invasion.

It’s 1970, and the communists are invading Europe. It’s your job to bomb them back to 1916. Tactical nuclear weapons are authorized– it’s gonna be fun on the bun!

Your bombs fall with realistic physics. Dodge MiGs, guided missiles, and anti-air guns.

I too have been playing this tight fun little easy on the eyes game, one with a simple concepts of the three tiered enemy, tank truck jeep and a MIG air support that gets you almost every time! “It can’t be that hard” you think, until the SAM missles start flying around chasing you; while the 3 tier enemy harasses you from the ground, and THEN you get the MIG incoming! Ya know, for such a simple game to play, often find myself wincing, ducking and standing tippi toes, while jiving and jukin’


I had this game for years. I bought the pro version. I re-download it again but it only gave me the unpaid version. It however is impossible to play. I get shot down immediately. I hardley even start. I have a Note 20 5G snd many other devices. The second I downloaded on new device was the end of the fun. I am not buying it again to be shot down immediately. This game used to be fun. APPARENTLY NOBODY CARES I HAD PRO VERSION. CHANGED DEVICES AND GONE. What developer never answers? Old ones?

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Arif Hossain

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