Aplasta Palabras: Juego Mental Apk Download

Words are the foundation of language learning. You can use Word Smash to memorize and practice spelling words.

-Easy handling: You just have to slide your fingers to delete the word.
-Play anytime, anywhere: No WIFI connection required.
-Educational fun: The Word Smash game contains tens of thousands of word blocks and vocabularies.
-Massive levels: More than 10k levels, with increasing difficulty, extremely easy to start but difficult to pass, brain puzzles.

How to play:
-Slide the selected letters to form a word.
-If the selected letters can be combined into a word in order, they will automatically disappear, after this, the letter blocks above them will fall.
-Observe the theme about those letter blocks to form the word carefully, which can help you remove the letter block to pass the level faster.
-The game can also accumulate reward vocabulary. When you find a word that doesn’t match the topic, this word will go into the vocabulary reward box.

This is a pun that is actually more magnificent than it sounds!!

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