List of All Best Travel Places in Bolivia

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1. Bike down the world’s most dangerous road

2. Summit a 6,000-metre mountain

3. Stand in awe of the world’s largest salt flat

4. Go caving in Uma Jalanta

5. Shop for souvenirs on Calle Sagarnaga

6. Visit the UNESCO Jesuit Missions

7. Trek historic Inca Trails

8. Explore the Cerro Rico Mine

9. Float downriver in the Amazon Jungle

10. Hike through Bolivia’s “Grand Canyon”

11. Assist animals in need at La Senda Verde

12. Swim in waterfalls at Amboro National Park

13. Take a boat ride on Lake Titicaca

14. See the world’s largest collection of dinosaur footprints

15. Explore the Tiwanaku Archaeological Site

16. Sample traditional Bolivian food in Cochabamba

17. Rappel down waterfalls in Coroico

18. Sup some singani

19. Soar over La Paz in the telefericos

20. Get up-close-and-personal with Bolivian wildlife at Biocentro Güembé

21. Soak in hot springs near steaming geysers

22. Experience traditional Bolivian dances

23. Dine at one of the top 15 restaurants in Latin America

24. Hike through Valle de la Luna

25. Visit the White City

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