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The few Alien Spaceships have crept into earth's orbit with no warning.
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Aug 22, 2023
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Alien Drive Me Crazy is a fun game in which your home which is obviously Planet Earth is invaded by extra terrestrial life as known as Aliens without any warning. All satellites are doomed and now apocalypse has started to take place.

But, you are brave enough to take out your car and fight the outer space species in a disguise. You bring your car out and drive it to smash everything ahead of you And try to reach Alien’s base. Well, you have to fight with little and harsh aliens as well on your way to base but don’t take a breath yet.

Several bosses are waiting for you at the base. If you are fortunate enough to beat them. You level up in game and warn money to upgrade and get your new weapons. You can even customise you character and car for yourself. Of you’re bored, download now!

What is Alien Drive Me Crazy Apk?

Alien Drive Me Crazy apk is standard download version. In this game, you fight the undefeatable and try to sneak into the hub of Alien’s base. You are actually attacked by horrifying aliens and they want to take over the world. But, you can be a superhero and smash everything in front of you to save the world. You drive you car and beat everything on your way.

What is Alien Drive Me Crazy Mod Apk?

Alien Drive Me Crazy mod apk includes premium features and everything unlocked that comes at a price. These features include unlimited resources and money which you can use to upgrade your car and deadly weapons which you can use against the aliens. All the levels can be unlocked without even progressing in the game. You can play any mode of your choice.

Can we play as Alien in Alien Drive Me Crazy?

No, we can not play as Alien in Alien Drive Me Crazy. We can only play against the extra Terrestrial and beat them and their bosses. You can not switch sides between enemies and your characters.

Can we skip levels in Alien Drive Me Crazy?

No, we can not skip levels in Alien Drive Me Crazy. We only can level up if we progress throughout the game by winning all modes and stages. Skipping levels can only be achieved if you spend game money

Can you use score boosters in Alien Drive Me Crazy?

Yes, we can use score boosters and score streaks to progress fast and win more rewards with the time. We can purchase these boosters in Game Store by spending Game Money. Score boosters can be purchased from Game Stores and they are very useful too


Smash The Front

Smash everything that comes your way. You can hit obstacles and aliens to clear your way towards your end line. All you have to make your front real hard so you don’t lose your health upon hitting anything. Over the time, you face boss levels so keep your car upgraded. This game is all about smashing things and win at the end. If you don’t, you loose.

Special Weapon

As you progress or spend in game money, you unlock so many special modified weapons. You eventually starts to become stronger and grind your enemies brutally. Your lethality becomes worse as you earn more deadly weapons so keep them earning regularly. Spend your game money wisely to select guns and weapons to beat opponent.

Edit Characters and Cars

In this game you can customise your character and cars. You can put skins of your choice and edit your character on your own will. You can change character personality, clothes, skin tones as well as car too. Make your car strong and keep it updated so you will not have to worry about losing any stage of the game. You can even name your character of your choice.

Score on Leaderboard

You can not play this game in multiplayer but you can link your game online and get your scores on leaderboard. Leaderboard contains name of best scoring streaks and best players. You can be at the top of leaderboard if you score than all in your server. Scoreboards are refreshed every month. So you have to keep yourself good in game.

Easy Controls

Game controls are very smooth. There is no sluggish control input which makes the game harder to play. The faster you go more smoother the gameplay becomes. Car controls can be used by tapping arrow keys or on screen controls. It’s very easy to play and you can tap boost as well to speed up your car and kill more violently your enemies.

Mod Features

Infinite Game Money

This game has unlimited game money which you can use and spend to speed up your progress through stages and levels. You can also spend money to upgrade your car or even buy new cars and do win streaks. If you lose the game, you can revive the player by spending money and resume your game against the alien life on your home, Planet Earth.

No Advertisements.

Advertisements are first handily made forbidden in this game.  You can enjoy non stop gaming without any worry of getting any silly advert. This game has been made ad free and bugs have been removed to keep the gameplay experience in a good flow.

Mind Blowing Cheats

Your weapons are made powerful, your cars have been made stronger, your character has been made cooler in looks and you are ready to nail your heroism against the unknown species of universe.


Alien Drive Me Crazy is the most fun game in which you can be a hero of your own by defeating outer space species. You are invaded by aliens without any warning and your all satellites have been destroyed. Now, you are only saviour of the world who is ready to fight. So, now it’s on you who will take over the charge and fight the undefeated deadly aliens. You have your car which you can use to smash and blow up things in front of you. You hit bosses and invade their base to take back the charge of Earth.


Q. Does Alien Drive Me Crazy mod apk has Multiplayer?

No, Alien Drive Me Crazy mod apk does not have Multiplayer. You can play in single player mode but you can score best to hit the top charts of leaderboard.

Q. Does Alien Drive Me Crazy mod apk contains any virus?

No, Alien Drive Me Crazy mod apk does not have any virus. It is tested for all malwares and viruses.


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