ALDI TALK Apk Download For Android

With the free ALDI TALK app for all ALDI TALK customers, you can quickly and easily check your consumption, recharge your credit or book tariff options.

The most important functions of the ALDI TALK app:

– Check balances
– Charge by credit and bank account
– Check available data volume
– Book and cancel rate options
– Change customer data
– Deposit bank data

Install now and use directly. The basic functions are available directly to you. For security reasons, the full range of functions is possible after creating an ALDI TALK customer account. Under you can create this free of charge and fast.

The ALDI TALK app is continuously optimized, so we are happy about reviews and suggestions.

Have fun with the App!

The app has always worked for me, doing just what it should. Topping up my prepaid credit and booking additional high speed packages once or twice a year.

’24 hours’ over still sim card is not activated. Its really frustrating. Customer care & ALDI staffs are saying they don’t know why its happening like this. Interesting part is ‘card registration’ done by ALDI branch employee and till now I didn’t receive any email also. Bad service!! 👎

Usually works fine but I haven’t been able to buy my next month of mobile data now for two days due to the app crashing, even reinstalling didn’t get the problem fixed. Very frustrating…

Even when I am connected to WiFi, I can’t top up because the app keep telling me it cannot connect to server. It has lasted for three days, please fix it soon because I don’t have any data left.

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