Al Quran Al karim Apk Download For Android

Browse Quran like printed copy.

The pages are got from

Is good, but there is mistake of ,علامات الوقف ،in suratul bakora verse 219. Between ماذا ينفقون and the next word which is قل العفو. And there is no, علامة الوقف there please rectify it. But you put it there .جزاكم الله خيرا

It’s very good app. The only problem is that on the latest version. It doesn’t show the page number when you open. Please add that feature.

An update in ages…this app is with me from 2014.. from then this is the first time m getting any updated version.. as i daily do the update for all apps.. never seen an uodate for this app from 2014

pls make an update on this Qur’an so that the option buttons can also show on samsung mobile. the phone i used doesnt do that. i just have to keep reading page by page, i can go to a surah or juz’i or page.

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