70mai Apk Download Free App For Android

70mai App is a mobile phone software used with 70mai Smart Dash Cam.

After connected to 70mai Smart Dash Cam by Wi-Fi, you can get realtime image preview from your dash cam. You can also watch historical footage and even download important pictures/video to your cell phone. This process is super simple and does not use your SIM card.

In addition, you can check firmware update and download update package by 70mai App. Then, you can push the update package to the dash cam and start updating the device.

Bought 70mai M300, video play fine on app but once downloaded the video become lagging/stutter video, even shared to whatsapp the video same lagging, and play on samsung galaxy s10 the video lagging too. Customer service just ask to download “better video player” and ignore the issue.

Full function for the amount paid, HD video recording with and without voice. The disappointment is that I have paid extra Money for Ads function which is not functioning at all and keep asking to connect the device while it is already connected but due to the quility of the chip supports no launching with the DashCam. Other than that, the money paid is worth it👌

Great video quality but using as rear view camera there is no option to flip video feed and have to view live feed the wrong way around.

Using the app with A500S Pro Plus and noticed the picture quality improvement compared to the previous version, which is great. Videos are lot less overexposed and have better contrast, however the colors are a tad oversaturated. Now the negatives. – No 16:9 video ratio on the front camera, only 4:3, which makes the the top and the bottom video parts pretty much useless. – The rear camera stream cannot be seen while recording. – Too much confirmations to stop the video when looking at the album and when finishing the route sync. Please remove them.

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