64in1 Nes Classic Apk Download Free Game For Android

64in1 Nes Classic is based on old school days 8 bit games and have many classic games in built

Had a blast with this. Being able to search for additional ROMs of games is the reason why I haven’t uninstalled. The button controls are not the best, literally stops you DEAD sometimes. Especially when playing any platformers. For me, I downloaded “Tecmo Super Bowl”, and I must admit, I felt like a little friggin KID again! The performance of these are not bad at ALL… except for the (sometimes) unresponsive controls. Impressive overall, nonetheless! It’s a keeper! 👍🏻

If you want to play a lot of games in one app, play classic games, or offline games, this app can be yours just in case the games are portrait, it’s also a good game and I don’t know if there are any bugs. (I hope you can landscape for a great look and this is also the game I’m looking for. Thank you very much)

Very nostalgic. Would be nice if the app supports bluetooth controller. Some games are just easier to play with a real controller.


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Arif Hossain

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