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Crosswords is a family game with distinction. Fun and useful information
Is an intellectual game, composed of several squares in the form of a table containing columns and rows of empty squares

Crossword Game: Teach yourself. Do you have a lot of general information? Are you broad in culture?

The first crossword game in the New York Times appeared on December 21, 1913, and became one of the most spectacular games in the United States, including the rest of the world.
Did you know that IQ games are excellent for exercising the mind and improving memory?

Each question is a puzzle, word or picture, for example, cars, close-up pictures, puzzles, puzzles or drawings

this game is beautiful, it helps us know more about life, nature, human, and cociety… if there’s a lot of ads ,just turn off the WI_FI and everything is fine .DON’T make it a big problem 😆😲😏✌👎👎👎you always want to disturb SAB APPS just tell us why you are like bad people? but if there is another problem , I am so sorry, I should zip zip my mouth

I like this game very much. Really is help ass to know more things in our life. Or remember something we studied in the school, but the bad thing is there a lot of ads in the game

The game is so nice and easy and you can learn a lot of facts about everything without getting annoyed or getting bored. And it will be more exciting if you played with your family members or friends.

i like it to much it help to let us now about things in life styles i like it to to such people who have been in the house can play this game it can stay in there mind thank you who did this game its really beautifully done with a lot more of brain done good than the rest and it was the most amazing game of all the games I have been playing in a few years since the first time I had played this also there are things about God that will ma

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