Три Богатыря. Приключения оффлайн. РПГ игра Apk Download

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Three Bogatyrs is an exciting RPG game without the Internet, in which the heroes go on a long journey, go through levels, fight opponents, immerse themselves in super action, adventure and adventure games. The plot of the arcade.

You can play as Alyosha Popovich, Dobrynya Nikitich or Ilya Muromets. You can separately pump weapons and armor and use their super attacks to defeat enemies.

The plot of the RPG game
According to the plot of the adventure, the heroes must return the princely treasury and defeat the dark force in fights and battles. Warriors go on a long journey and take part in battles against enemies. Communicate with the characters, decide what to do, make strategic decisions and remember – your choice to fight or not can both help and harm you in the future. There are several dozen options for the development of events, many different dialogues and unexpected plot twists. Adventure awaits you.

The heroes will have to travel in our exciting adventure through three locations: desert, forest and the bottom of the sea. Depending on the location, they meet different robbers and traps. Go through one level after another, open the entire map and explore all the unexplored corners.

Weapons and armor
Each hero in our RPG has his own gun that allows him to perform a unique super strike in battles – the ability to kill enemies from a distance or destroy enemies in fights. You can get updates by collecting or buying cards. Having collected the required number of cards, the hero goes to the forge, where he can forge a new weapon or an element of armor that will protect him in battles from enemies.

Complete tasks and get rewards. Tasks can be different: from passing levels, winning fights and battles over robbers and using super attacks, to researching and improving weapons. You can’t relax, some tasks need to be completed within a week, and some within just one day! Adventure and combat don’t wait.

Play offline RPG game mode without internet.

Push notifications
Pop-up messages in the adventure will tell you when the exploration is over, remind you of new events, upcoming raids. Arcade games are waiting for you. With them, you will not miss the opening of the chest, interesting events and adventures of the heroes.

check in
Start playing without any difficulty. Log in through your Google, Facebook or VKontakte account and use synchronization to play on any devices, without losing your progress and achievements.

Defeat your enemies in fair combat in our addicting video game. Feel like a real Russian warrior! The passage of the levels of the RPG video game is possible without the Internet.
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