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SberBank Online is the most popular banking application in Russia: more than 70 million people use it. Join us!

What we can do:

・ Transfer money to people. There are classic transfers by phone number, card and any details, and there are Dialogues: there you can select a Sberbank client from the phone book and transfer money to him in a couple of clicks, write messages or send stickers, as in a messenger.

・ Pay for services per minute. Top up your phone and internet balance without commission, and in order not to accidentally forget, connect auto payment. You can pay for housing and communal services, parking, taxes and fines according to the details, and also scan the QR code on the receipt or select an organization in the search.

・ Issue a card. Activate it in the app in a couple of minutes and use it even if you haven’t received plastic yet. You can view the current balance, reissue or block the card, find out its number or change the PIN code. In some large cities there is also courier delivery of cards.

·Save money. This will help our line of deposits and accounts: with or without withdrawal and replenishment, in rubles and foreign currency. If you need to save up for a vacation or an airbag, a goal is perfect. And for those who think about the future for years to come, we suggest saving for retirement in a non-state fund.

·Take a loan. If you want to know how much the bank can offer you – calculate your credit potential. We issue credit cards, give money for any purpose and small amounts up to paycheck. From SberBank Online, you can also go to partner applications to take out a mortgage or car loan.

・ Track expenses and plan a budget. You’ll like the analysis of finance if you want to approach money more consciously: you can break expenses into categories and try not to spend too much. You can also view your operations in History and receive notifications about them.

・ Find out how many Sberbank bonuses you have. Thank you. And, of course, about where and how to profitably exchange them for a discount.

・ Receive government services. With us, you can confirm your account on State Services and not go anywhere, order a 2-NDFL certificate or an extract from the Pension Fund, become self-employed and receive an insurance payment on the deposit.

・ Discover many different services for life: from insurance and sending parcels to food delivery, car rental and online medicine.

・ Customize the application for yourself. We have several nice options: choose between light and dark themes, different background colors and screensavers at the entrance, which we ourselves love so much.

・ And you can also do all this through our virtual assistants Salyut: they will not only transfer money or prompt the dollar rate, but even turn on music or sign up for a haircut. Very convenient if your hands are often busy or just like to chat.


If you find a bug in the application, want to suggest something or say thank you, rate it and write a comment. We read everything carefully and try to improve SberBank Online based on your feedback.

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General license for banking operations dated August 11, 2015
Registration number – 1481.

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