Билеты ПДД 2021 и Экзамен ПДД Apk

Official exam tickets for the traffic police 2020/2021 * Free without ads * Categories AB and CD * Application from Droma

We are monitoring how traffic rules 2021 tickets from the traffic police for categories AB change and are sharing all the new rules for passing the exam. We help you to pass the exam at the traffic police, not to make a single mistake when solving exam tickets for traffic rules 2021.
In the official application, you can easily prepare and pass the theoretical exam of traffic rules in 2021 at the traffic police All Categories AB (AB) / CD (SD) and subcategories A1, B1, C1, D1. We cooperate with Driving Schools of the Russian Federation

Unique in the app:
– All 40 tickets are available for free and without ads.
– Actual Rules of the Road from the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate AB for 2021
– The changes include
– The mode of passing the exam, as in the traffic police.
– The app really teaches the rules and how to pass the exam.
– Statistics of academic performance and progress.
– Specialist comments on all issues.
– Live chat.
– Reminders motivate you to learn more.
– Marathon mode, all 800 questions in a row.
– Work on errors on the ticket.
– Our SDA Simulator works completely without the Internet

The Droma team wish you success in passing the exam and obtaining the coveted driver’s license!

SDA 2021 🚗

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